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Post  liloso on Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:12 pm

yea this has the jay trade mark on it. ive been building for 2 years now. but it wasnt till recently that i got the right build n all the cards to do it. well my goal is to make this deck top
tier. or at least tier two. so players start spreading the world n dont forget to give me credit.

2x apprentice magician
2x chaos sorc
1x dad
2x dark simorgh
2x dark valky
1x effect veiler
2x elemental hero neos alluis
2x featerizer
1x gorz
3x ryko
2x tuned magician

1x allure
1x book of moon
1x future fusion
3x gemini spark
1x giant trunade
1x monster reborn
2x poa

2x bottomless
1x mirror force
2x ragiki break/karma cut
1x royal oppression
2x seven tools
1x solemn
1x torry


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